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MOTOTRBO Digital Two Way Radios

Increase your mobile work team's operational efficiency with MOTOTRBO

The next-generation professional two-way radio has arrived with the MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System, which boasts better performance, productivity and value. Thanks to digital technology, MOTOTRBO delivers double the capacity, improved audio clarity, 40% longer battery life and integrated data applications. MOTOTRBO is ideal for organizations that require customizable, dependable communications.

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New Radio - Motorola CP200XLS

Keep you and your team working efficiently on both conventional and LTR trunking systems

The expanded features of the CP200•XLS portable two-way radio make it a perfect fit for local delivery services and manufacturing organizations. Featuring both conventional and LTR® trunking capability, the CP200•XLS enables you to efficiently organize a large workforce.

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Solutions for Public Safety

Maine Radio provided wireless communications solutions to local and state government public safety entities. We work with local law enforcement, fire departments and EMS. For many years, the public-safety community and mission-critical land mobile communication providers have been working hand-in-hand to develop the Project 25 (P25) standard for mission critical communications.

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Mobile Solutions for Education

Maine Radios has over 100 years of combined experience in providing wireless solutions to the education industry. These solutions include portable and mobile two way radios, pagers, gps vehicle tracking and bus cameras.

We offer customized solutions to education facilities and transportation companies. Contact us for more information.

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Airtime / Trunking Solutions

Maine Radio provides LTR Trunking two way radio systems in Southern Maine. Trunked radio takes advantage of the probability that with any given number of user units, not everyone will need channel access at the same time, therefore fewer discrete radio channels are required. From another perspective, with a given number of radio channels, a much greater number of user groups can be accommodated. In the example of the police department, this additional capacity could then be used to assign individual talk groups to specialized investigative, traffic control, or special-events groups which might otherwise not have the benefit of individual private communications.

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Two Way Radio Rentals

We currently inventory over 200 Motorola portables for any special, large or small event where wireless communications is required. We provide two way radios for: Special Event Security, Petrochemical Industry, Construction Industry, Movie Sets / TV Shows, Entertainment Industry (Concerts and tours), Trade Shows and Conventions

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Wireless Broadband

Networking solutions designed for high-performance, high-speed connectivity.

Motorola’s RF experience and innovation drive successful enterprise, service provider and government wireless broadband networks all over the world. Our networking products are purpose-built for performance, reliability and interconnectivity indoors and out.

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Solutions for Retail Sales

Maine Radios provides wireless communications solutions to the retail sales community. Our solutions include portable two way radios with powerful and durable headsets, speaker mics and batteries.

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Maine Radio is a leading Motorola channel partner and Motorola Service Partner based in Scarborough, Maine. Since the company was founded in 1995, Maine Radio has enabled organizations to wirelessly deliver mission-critical applications and gives them the greatest level of agility to stay ahead of growing demands. Having worked with both the commercial and public safety markets for many years we have established strong relationships and a true understanding of their wireless needs enabling us to easily provide your organization with the right solution to meet your needs. Find out what Maine Radio can do for your business.

Motorola Service Specialist

Maine Radio Is Proud To Be a Motorola Service Specialist. We have demonstrated consistent capabilities in performance, personnel and commitment to Motorola products and services. Contact Us

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