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Motorola SCADA RTU (Remote Terminal Unit-ACE3600) can be used to transmit and receive data for a variety of applications..

The ACE3600 product is the only Motorola authorized product that can be used on a Motorola trunked system.

Below are a few of applications that Motorola’s ACE3600 product can be used.


Early warning service must be made available to a large population who at any moment may be in widespread locations: at their home, offices and factories, on the street, in shopping malls, on the beach, in forests, driving a car, traveling on ships, etc. Each such site must be linked to the source of information and a solution must be available for disseminating the warning message. SCADA RTUs used for early warning systems are required to communicate 100% accurate messages, and must also provide means for feedback of successful message delivery back to the emergency center. They should allow reliable network communication, making sure that emergency messages are conveyed to their destination as quickly as possible, regardless of which communication medium is implemented for a specific section of the network.


MOSCAD, MOSCAD-L and ACE3600RTUs and systems are widely used by many water and wastewater utilities worldwide. The primary goal of water distribution management is to balance water demand and supply in the most cost effective way. The following are the most common water distribution and wastewater applications:

Water Reservoirs
This application primarily entails monitoring of water level, water flow rate to the reservoir/water tower and the flow and pressure to the main pipe. In this application the ACE3600 RTU can also control pressure regulated valves to ensure maximum effectiveness of the water system. Monitoring of water quality and related chemical parameters can be done by utilizing the ACE3600 RTU data transfer capabilities.

Water Wells & Booster Pumps
Excessive pumping from water wells is of primary concern since it affects the water quality and availability. Electric energy used for pumping is another major concern. The ACE3600 RTU can monitor well parameters such as: water flow rate, pressure and electric pumping costs. A comparison of the energy used to pump the water, provides information on pump efficiency and alerts on possible malfunctions. In a multiple booster site, the ACE3600 RTU can perform sophisticated pump sequencing. This means that the appropriate, most cost effective pump or number of pumps can be operated depending on the required water flow and pressure.

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