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GPS Vehicle Tracking

With global positioning satellite (GPS) technology you can manage vehicles whenever and wherever you like. You can locate the closest vehicle to a new job, verify vehicle stops, and keep track of customer visits. GPS systems also help you dispatch more effectively by using fleet maps and driving directions.

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Motorola SCADA RTU (Remote Terminal Unit-ACE3600) can be used to transmit and receive data for a variety of applications.

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Video Cameras

Coming soon

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Wireless Broadband

Whether you need to deploy a whole new network or extend an existing network to new locations, new users or new subscribers, MOTOwi4™ solutions bring you up to high speed in the right way. And right away.

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Mobile Computers

Fully rugged mobile computer for mission-critical vehicles. Optimized for mobility. Optimized for wireless.

The fully-rugged Motorola MW810 Mobile Workstation provides reliable, cost-effective wireless connectivity and computing power for mission-critical applications. The embedded high-performance computing platform is optimized for harsh environments and seamless mobility at highway speeds. Three-piece design allows flexible installation options, including choice and location of CPU, display, and backlit keyboards.

Motorola MW810 Mobile Data Terminal

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