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NNTN7080 IMPRES Single Unit Charger

Rapid-rate, single-unit charging system.

Through the use of advanced charging algorithms and automatic reconditioning features, the Motorola IMPRES Smart…

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NNTN7392 IMPRES Battery Data Reader

The industry exclusive IMPRES Battery Reader provides IMPRES battery users the ability to access charging, reconditioning and key usage data that can affect overall…

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NNTN7554 IMPRES 2050 Mah Li-Ion Battery

IMPRES LiIon battery for XTS 2500, XTS 1500, MT1500 and PR1500 portables.

IMPRES batteries when used with an IMPRES charger provide automatic, adaptive…

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NNTN7573 IMPRES NiMH 2100 mAh Ruggedized Battery

The NNTN7573 is a 2100 mAh NiMH Ruggedized PLUS battery. Ruggedized PLUS batteries meet an even more stringent military standard (MIL-STD-810E, Method 512.3 Immersion)…

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NNTN7593 IMPRES Dual Unit Charger with Display (APX)

This new charger provides public safety personnel the convenience of a spare battery that is charged and ready to be used at all times. The unique dual pocket design…

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NNTN7686 Insert For Multi-Unit Charger Adapter

Insert for multi-unit charger adapters (6 pk) for APX battery. Designed to fit the WPLN4108, WPLN4181, WPLN4130 six unit charger

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NNTN8092 IMPRES Li-Ion 2300mAh, Intrinsically Safe

The NNTN8092 is a 2300mAh LiIon Intrinsically Safe battery. Intrinsically safe batteries can be used in locations where flammable gas, vapors or combustible dust may be…

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NNTN8128 IMPRES Submersible Battery

IMPRES batteries when used with an IMPRES charger provide automatic, adaptive reconditioning, end-of-life display, and other advanced features. Data is stored in the…

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NNTN8287 Battery

The NNTN8287 battery is a 1750 mAh LiIon Intrinsically Safe CSA battery. This battery, when properly paired with the XPR 6580 I.S. radio is permitted for use for Ex a…

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NNTN8386 Battery

This IMPRES 1800 mAh Li-Ion smart energy, intrinsically safe (CSA) battery keeps your radio performing on long shifts. Only IMPRES batteries can be charged 150…

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NNTN8750 IMPRES Li-Ion 2050 mAh

IMPRES Li-Ion 2050 mAh typical, CSA, IP67

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NNTN8844 IMPRES 2 Multi-unit Charger

This IMPRES 2 multi-unit charger keeps your safer, smarter and powered for longer.  When your radio battery fails and communication is lost, it impacts the…

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