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Security Wireless Motorola Two-Way Radio Solutions in Maine


Many incidents in the workplace require security teams to instantly communicate information.

In fact, fast and effective communication among security teams is mission critical, allowing personnel to respond to theft, accidents, and disturbances quickly and with the best information available. Organizations and teams vary, which is why Maine Radio provides many security two-way radio options for Security companies in Maine.

Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Radios

Motorola two-way radios provide the opportunity for increased security for your Maine business, allowing your team to carry out the logistics and overcome challenges more productively. The solution connects employees, increasing safety, security, and productivity of your teams and your clients operations.

The two-way radios offered within the Motorola MOTOTRBO line that are designed for security purposes include both the MOTOTRBO XPR™ 3000 Series and MOTOTRBO XPR 7000 Series. Both of these portable radios offer analog and digital voice communications and crystal-clear digital audio, all within the rugged, durable build that your team can rely on. 

Privacy options provide peace of mind that communications can be highly secure, including the ability to remotely disable radios. This system can be seamlessly integrated with all basic MOTOTRBO wide-area systems, making it easier to make the switch to reliable technology.

Find out how Motorola radios can increase security for your Maine Security business.

Motorola WAVE™ OnCloud

Instantly connect your Southern California security team’s Motorola radios with cellular phones with the Motorola WAVE OnCloud application. The cloud-based communication solution increases access to a complete, secure flow of information between your field teams and your office staff. 

Exchange information at the push of a button with integrated two-way radios with message, data, and license plate check capabilities. Eliminate communication barriers, enhance the spread of key information, and elevate security in your Maine security business with the Motorola WAVE OnCloud solution. 

Maine Radio provides expert assistance in finding the perfect Motorola radio for your security team. Request a quote for a tailored solution today!

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