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SchoolSAFE Communications is a web-enabled two-way radio based product that allows for communications interoperability between school radio systems and public safety radio systems.  

During a crisis, a call to 9-1-1 is the logical first step. However, in order to maintain communication with first responders throughout the resolution of an incident, a landline or cell phone is not enough.

Motorola and SchoolSAFE have teamed up to offer a solution that makes it possible for school-based radio systems to connect directly and securely with the radios used by first responders. Now, with just the push of a button, school personnel are instantly connected to community police, fire, EMS and 9-1-1 call centers for reliable, secure, two-way communication during a crisis.

School-based radio systems are generally less capable and lack the channel capacities, power, and digital signaling to interoperate directly with public safety professionals who may have more sophisticated and much more advanced radio systems. Once the SchoolSAFE Communications product is in place then school security and public safety professionals from police, fire and EMS can easily initiate or receive communications with school personnel utilizing their existing two-way radios.

  • Comprehensive Training

    The SchoolSAFE Training Program enables safety teams at each school to be fully trained on communicating effectively with first responders throughout the entirety of an incident.

  • Digital Recording

    SchoolSAFE supports audio recording and situation playback so you can get clarification immediately, if needed. Recordings assist with post-incident investigations and are also valuable teaching tools for training and review.

  • Easy, One-Button Activation

    With just the push of a button, SchoolSAFE opens the lines of communication between school personnel and first responders. The schools’ radio system is able to interoperate with the public safety P25 system when needed and under complete control by authorities.

  • Enhanced Notification

    SchoolSAFE Communications with Enhanced Notification Software works in conjunction with Remote Activation to inform and warn students and faculty via e-mail, that a SchoolSAFE event is in progress. Enhanced notification provides awareness to those who need it so the utmost command and control over schools and first responder resources can be attained and situations can be handled most effectively

  • Remote Activation

    SchoolSAFE Communications with remote activation software and firmware gives SchoolSAFE an IP address and a presence inside school and PSAP data networks. With this powerful, yet simple activation and de-activation tool, the audio communications is instantly available for rapid response, or for other applications such as audio recording or situation play back. This takes the burden off the school and PSAP staff so they can focus on the incident.

  • Upgrade and Expansion Capabilities

    Expansion modules can be easily added in the future. As radio systems change, the SchoolSAFE product can be easily modified to accommodate those changes. Dependent upon what changes, one or two radios can be replaced or reprogrammed. A second channel maybe added for daily use by school security and administrative personnel.


Communicate in Real Time

From the moment SchoolSAFE is activated, your staff can communicate with first responders in real-time. They are able to exchange important information while the first response team is in transit and throughout the emergency response to ensure continuity and a constant stream of communication.

Installation and Training

SchoolSAFE handles all installation and training services to help ensure your equipment and staff are prepared should an emergency situation arise.

Mobile Access

In a crisis, landlines and cell networks are bogged down and unresponsive. Having a reliable two-way radio communication system keeps the school radio user in touch with first responders at any given time.

Time Saving = Life Saving

Shaving minutes off response time with better communication can mean the difference between life and death for a student or school personnel.

Upgradable and Expandable

SchoolSAFE features a modular design that can grow or expand as radio systems change. You also have the option to add a second channel for daily use by school security and administrative personnel, optimizing your investment in a new set of radios so they can be used for day-to-day operations and also as standby for emergencies.

Regulatory Specifications


All programming and equipment are fully compliant with FCC rules and regulations to satisfy licensing demands.

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