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Dispatch Consoles for Your Maine Business, School or Agency


If your communications assets are struggling to keep up with the expectation of instant coordination, you need to upgrade your dispatch console.

A Dispatch Center Console  will ensure your dispatchers have the right equipment to provide the communication, information, and updates your community needs.

For help moving forward with a fast, easy, state-of-the-art system, contact us today.

Motorola Dispatch Consoles

Motorola Dispatch Consoles provide your team with reliable, relevant, and real-time service. When your first responders need critical intelligence, data, and communication, they can trust our equipment to help your dispatchers deliver.

Our consoles offer dispatchers interoperable capabilities to reach across multiple applications and resources. Seamless dedicated recording, simple interfaces, and advanced messaging capabilities enhance how quickly and efficiently your responders make decisions.

Motorola Dispatch Consoles fit any budget, with flexible servicing and deployment options. The software-based system, managed from a centralized point of contact, allows for a scalable platform that lets your system grow as much or as little as you need. You have control over your costs, so you can upgrade pieces of equipment before servicing your entire system.

Avtec Dispatch Consoles

Avtec Dispatch Consoles provide dispatch solutions for simple or complex systems. Easy integration, a single-code platform for easy scaling, and mobile configurations can help your team increase their capabilities to deliver critical support.

With scalable architecture for multiple console positions, dedicated media workstations for console audio, and customizable interfaces, an Avtec Dispatch Center Console gives you a variety of setup options. With this specialized equipment, your dispatch team will feel more comfortable and capable in their work environment.

Avtec console solutions are ideal for transportation, public safety, energy, business, and government markets. They provide a complete portfolio of hardware and software services for contact centers and unified communication networks.

We have the resources, products, and services you need to ensure that your dispatch team can handle the demands of your community. Give your dispatchers the right tools to effectively and effortlessly deliver crucial information to responders in the field. Contact us today so that we can learn about your current assets, answer any questions, and help you design a system within your budget.

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